Martin Hsia, Psy.D.

Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Hsia has participated in the Therapist-StoryTelling project for National Psychotherapy Day's Moments of Meaning. Videos of Dr. Hsia's and other colleagues' contributions can be watched here. Subsequent interviews of Dr. Hsia were conducted and published in Psychology Today and Psych Central


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Dr. Hsia is the host of the podcast Psych Rally, which addresses issues related to Clinical Psychology, Psychotherapy, and Mental Health. Recent episodes have addressed issues such as Anxiety Disorders (Social Anxiety, OCD), Ethics in Psychotherapy, Gender Expression and Discrimination against LGBTQ individuals, Mindfulness-based Therapy, Problem Gambling, Parenting in the Digital Age, and Mental Health in our current political atmosphere.

Dr. Hsia appeared as a guest on the Mental Health Happy Hour podcast, discussing theoretical and practical aspects of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. He has also consulted on Psychotherapy with Asian Americans and the relationship between faith and psychology on Asian America: The Ken Fong Podcast.